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At True Essence Skin & Laser, our goal is to help you feel and look better in your own, natural skin. Check out our full range of aesthetic services and book a consultation today.
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In this hectic world, we want to slow things down for our clients, understand their needs, and provide the highest quality personal experience at exceptional value.
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Christine Church
Christine Church
Loving the results! I’ve had hormonal acne since 2nd grade well into my adulthood, leaving a lot of deep scars, craters, and dark pigmentation. I’ve been getting skin resurfacing for acne scarring done at True Essence, and completed four out of five of my resurfacing sessions and already seeing such good results so far. Even my husband compliments how good my skin is looking every day! I’ve had other laser treatments like Fraxel done in the past, which also had decent results, but hurt way way more with longer downtown. The resurfacing at True Essence is way more tolerable and she makes sure to adjust the strength for your comfort.
Megha Chawla
Megha Chawla
For the finest facials, I highly recommend Kapila's services. She is attentive, patient, and never rushes. 100% recommend
The place was very nice and my skin has looked a lot better since I’ve gone there for facials and since I’ve bought Collin skincare.
Shalu pabby
Shalu pabby
I was looking to get full body laser hair removal done & also some other skin services . True Essence was perfect kapila offer various skin treatments , facials and also carry skin care products by GM collins . She is amazing in her work, very professional. She explained everything regarding the treatment in her consultation . I like that her machine is pain free and after few treatments I start seeing an great results. I am almost at the end of my hair removal treatments. I also got few OxyGeneo facials done and I must say are absolutely amazing . My skin was so clean and bright for weeks and glowing. If you haven’t tried this facial you are missing out . Her place is very neat & clean and gives a very good vibes . Highly recommend True & essence Skin and Laser.
Tanya Arora
Tanya Arora
I have been searching for a good place to get my laser hair removal done and I’m so glad that one of my friend referred this place. I was already convinced with the feedback that i got from my friend and when I visited True Essence for consultation and met Kapila, she explained everything to me in detail and answered all my questions and doubts. I was so excited to start with the laser hair removal on my underarms and brazilian and throughout the session Kapila made me feel so comfortable, she’s a sweetheart! The session was so quick and painless that I was surprised when she told me ‘your first session is done’. I thought she’s just prepping my skin with the gel but the laser got over in no time! Today I got my second session done and it was as great as before. Even after first session I’ve seen a good noticeable difference in the treated area, my hair growth was so less after 4 weeks that I was amazed to see. I’m surely getting other areas treated as well soon. Looking forward to future sessions and be hair free! Highly recommend this place!
I've been going to True Essence Skin and Laser for neck skin tightening treatments. Kapila is amazing. She is very friendly, patient, attentive, and always does a very good job. This is my 4th session and I'm already very impressed with the results. Definitely a huge improvement. I will not go elsewhere. I'm very comfortable when she does the treatment. The treatment room is super clean. I am already looking forward to other treatments with her. Thank you Kapila!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith
I had a full body laser done at True Essence Skin and Laser. Kapila was so nice and welcoming and she made me feel comfortable . She explained about the treatment and clear my doubts that I had reagarding the treatment. Her spa is beautiful and the environment is very calm and relaxing. I am half way through my treatments and the results are amazing. One my biggest worry about hair removal was that I heard from lots of people that it’s painful and some places uses numbing cream . The best part the procedure of hair removal is pain free there is no downtime. I am glad I found this place and i highly recommend that if you are looking of hair removal treatment you should definitely try this place .
Reinaliza Ayson
Reinaliza Ayson
Kapila is very knowledgeable and approachable. I have done 5 sessions for laser hair removal already and I noticed that the hair becomes thinner and my skin feels smooth.


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