Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapeutic practice that has been used in India for over 2000 years. It is a relaxing holistic massage to release stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. It aims to rebalance your body’s energies.

About the Treatment

At the beginning of the treatment, the patient’s mind is usually very active – many thoughts cluttering their mind. As the treatment progresses their breathing slows, the mind quietens and, by the end of the session, they are filled with an overall sense of peace.

Key Benefits

Improves circulation
Promotes relaxation and well being
Helps ease depression and anxiety
Improves concentration
Encourages positive thinking
Relief from headaches and migraines
Eases eye strain
Improves sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

Prevents headaches and migraines by releasing built-up tension in the head and neck area and relieving muscle stiffness. Renews and balances energy levels by working with the three higher chakras. Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety through relaxation.

A head massage may help relieve stress and reduce tension. It may also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and promote hair growth. Before using essential oils, make sure they’re diluted, and do a patch test before using on a large area of skin.

Champi is an original Indian word meaning head massage. Indian Champissage includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, ears, and energy balancing. The origin of shampoo comes from ‘Champi’. Being ‘Champi-ed’ meant having your head massaged.

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